Mr. Fahrenheit
I’m really into a girl who only sees me as a friend… Meanwhile another girl is falling in love with me and I’m just not sold on it yet.


We posted a song off of our new CD, L’OCEAN; which comes out on 11/11/11.

This song is track number 9 of 16. 

Here’s the song :)  Enjoy, and remember smile, it’s contagious.


Life’s amazing, today is the day you start doing what you want, and not what you’re told (unless that’s what you want if so continue to keep on)!  Always strive to be the best, never half-ass anything and be proud of everything you do. Give yourself goals that you can meet, excede them, and then make more, because then you grow.  If you had a chess board that you put one stick of wheat on the first square then doubled it every square there on out, you would have more wheat than the world has, imagine you’re goals in the same analogy. YOU WOULD CHANGE THE WORLD.


This song is an instrumental demo. We will be recording vocals on it in a few weeks, and will be putting out more demo’s until the cd is ready to be released. It is a 16 song Full Length LP entitled “L’OCEAN” and we are MISCOMUNICADO.

Watership down

Do you think my ego is what made you leave? Did I do this? I can’t fathom what I said or did that drove you so far away. Actually I can. I apologize. This has gone on too long though. I said I’d miss you not wish you were here. I can’t get you out of my head, or soul. We used to lay our heads here, this is where we rolled around. Do you remember my name? Or was I just another number, to add to your list? You used to want to see me as often possible and now to get a text I have to beg. No one said this would be this hard. Can’t we just be friends at least? I can’t stand not seeing your smile or hearing your voice. I wish I could go back to the times you played in my bed, naked, in my arms, holding onto each other just cause we love the way we feel next to each other. Now I just want another heartless fling to numb the pain. Or twenty. I think about you constantly and put all my energy into hoping one day I can say your my girl. Can’t I kiss you one more time?

My first year at college.

Partition the wall, the teacher called as classes started this fall. Building. For what? For who? Not me? You? No. Them. Who? Me! But mainly them. Fuck. Cigarettes.


I await the hour in which my phone call is returned. Thoughts turning in my head. Stories talked about, and memories shared. But my mind never wandered. See my feelings and heart were set when I saw you in that dress. My heart stopped my blood went cold and my stomach ached, you never knew this but I was scared of you. I can’t remember the rest of the day because I couldn’t forget you. You. You. You. Can you hear me? Im laying in a bed right now wishing I was in yours. You are it. I see you and I wonder if its a test to see if I’m man enough to have you yet. My dreams and ambitions have changed since you finally let me in. Conversation, sex, party and bullshit, you entered at the wrong time but you can’t leave when its not over. I’m to scared to ask you if you still dream of me and too worried to ask you if there’s other guys. I know I make you smile when I steal your ears and I know you love me when you lay in my arms. What changed? Nothing. Just where we live. I’m a rockstar and you are my inspiration. The blues may have changed my skin tone and rock it may have broken my bones but your eyes stole mine and my heart followed fast. You are the queen of my empire and I the king, you will never leave because I’ve changed your life, but no matter where the L’Ocean takes us always remember always play positive. I love you.

Hannah Brady

Roses are read, just like a book. Love is a simple game, just take a look. If you wanna play, you’ll surely win. But if you quit, c’est ne pas fin. Sea its not the animals that matter, its the monsters we create. Knot the problems we get tied up in, but the answers we provide. But like I said, roses are red and violets blue, and I wrote that all thanks to you.

Sorry if my French is wrong its been a minute. P.s. Hannah is a friend, and the inspiration behind this poem.


Send me a postcard, Send me some flowers. Lend me your ears, Let love give us power.

Tell me your name, So I never forget it. And tell me your game, As it’s a perfect fit.

Always ahead, And never behind. My eyes are now open, But love is blind.

Ill tell you a story, About the birds and the bees. But I’ll never reveal my secret, About the psychic seas.

One step forward, And then two more. The next one will lead you, Right through that door.

Then you’ll see me, Sitting on a chair. Wearing leather pants, Asking you truth or dare.



Marry me.

Sorry I can’t help but to stare.

See you’re all I think about and all I want. All I crave and all I need. All I see and all I breathe. All I dream about and all I see.

Will you hear me? Will you take it in now? Will you be it?

Mall of America!

Mall of America!